【转载】EBS R12 直接从Form登录

EBS R12 直接从Form登录

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Oracle Applications Technology Stack – Version: 12.0 to 12.1 Information in this document applies to any platform.


By default in Oracle Applications R12, users are not able to access Forms directly via the following url: http://hostname.domain:port/forms/frmservlet The following error would pop out:

APP-FND-01542: This Applications Server is not authorized to access this database.

The goal of this document is to allow users access to the Oracle Applications R12 directly via Forms especially in cases where access to the following url is not available: http://hostname.domain:port/OA_HTML/AppsLogin

NOTE: Accessing Forms directly is not supported and should only be used for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.


1. Edit $CONTEXT_FILE which is located in $INST_TOP/appl/admin 2. Change <appserverid_authentication oa_var=”s_appserverid_authentication”>SECURE</appserverid_authentication> to <appserverid_authentication oa_var=”s_appserverid_authentication”>OFF</appserverid_authentication>

Application Server Security Authentication can take one of the following values {ON, OFF, SECURE}. OFF – Server security is not checked. Any application server machine can access the database. ON – Some level of trust is required to access the database. Either the Application Server is registered with the database or the module and version ID are known to be trusted. SECURE – Full trust is required for access to the database. Only registered Application Server machines and trusted code modules may connect.

3. Run $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/adautocfg.sh to instantiate the changes 4. Users are now able to access Forms directly.

NOTE: Remember to set the Application Server Security Authentication back to SECURE by settting the value of s_appserverid_authentication to SECURE and running autoconfig.



这个主要解决oracle 从form登陆的问题的,我们知道我们在登陆ebs的时候都是直接从web界面登陆,但是有的时候我们web界面出现问题或者我们就直接想从form登陆时候,就发现不能登陆,这个就是解决的办法!~

1.$INST_TOP/appl/admin 在这里找到$CONTEXT_FILE

2.<appserverid_authentication oa_var=”s_appserverid_authentication”>SECURE</appserverid_authentication> to <appserverid_authentication oa_var=”s_appserverid_authentication”>OFF</appserverid_authentication>


3. Run $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/adautocfg.sh  运行脚本


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